Why are Electric Vehicles (EV) the Future of Mobility?

The world is moving towards sustainability with promptness and vigour. As a consequence of world governments laying their eyes on achieving a carbon neutral world, the automotive industry and the electronics industry have come together in close quarters. 

The new way forward is electric mobility and the UAE is the torch-bearer for this new revolution. The UAE has always been ahead of its time with incorporating technology and new innovation. Today, let’s take a look into a few key reasons as to why electric vehicles (EV) are the future of mobility. 

Worldwide EV Production Focus

One of the key reasons electric mobility is set to take over the world is because EV production is on a rise. It is expected to rise almost five times from 8 million units being sold worldwide to 39 million units by 2030. Car companies across the board have realized an increasing consumer demand for electric vehicles. It’s  resulted in quick shifts in production processes to scale the potential of EV growth. Dubai and the UAE is set to be the ground for multiple new launches.

The Key Reasons for UAE Being the Centre for EV Growth 

As a country, the UAE has always been home to the most exotic vehicles and modern technology. Hence, at a time when the confluence of the automotive and electronics industry is at a rise, UAE is the most feasible location for further expansion.

Additionally, UAE receives exports from all major car manufacturing economies like European nations and the US. However, that’s not all. UAE also has close tie-ups with India and other South-East Asian countries including the Indonesian belt. The reason it’s important for the UAE’s future of mobility is because countries like India have shifted their focus to becoming sustainable alongside the global economy. These developments have sparked manufacturing of EVs amongst automotive giants based in the region alongside new startups too. 

What to Look Out for in 2023?

With EV manufacturing picking up pace, there’s not been a better time to make the shift. Owning a gasoline or fossil fuel based vehicle will become redundant in the next five years. Hence, if you’re looking for a vehicle in the UAE, you must focus on purchasing an electric vehicle. It offers a better value-for-money proposition. There are several affordable EV options customers in the UAE can choose from, including but not limited to:

  • Tesla – US EV manufacturing company Tesla has begun large scale exports worldwide. These cars are on the more affordable scale of EVs available in the country. 
  • BMW – German auto-giant BMW made its entry into the luxury EV segment with the i-series. Known for their robust manufacturing, EVs from the company make sense for customers looking for high-performance and luxury in EVs.
  • Nissan, Hyundai,and Renault – The Japanese, Korean, and French automotive brands also host some unique budget-friendly models in the EV segment, for customers in the UAE. 

Hence, the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem is set to take over the keys of mobility from gasoline based vehicles globally, by 2030. If you’re planning to buy a car now, switching to an electric vehicle would definitely be the correct choice.