The Ultimate Guide for Buying A Free-standing Dishwasher

A dishwasher has become a necessity in urban households much like a refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, or coffee machine. No one has the time or energy to wash dishes and scrub pots with their hands. In such cases, a free-standing dishwasher is the most practical choice for contemporary urban households. You can roll it in anywhere you need and wash the dishes. It is the best option if you continue moving every few months or years. 

People often get confused between free-standing, portable and countertop dishwashers. But the main difference between a countertop and a free-standing one is its size and usability. The countertop can only wash a few dishes and no pots and pans. On the other hand, your free-standing dishwasher can accommodate several utensils in one go. 

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Free-standing dishwasher

Clean and dry – Most plastic utensils are immensely difficult to dry in any dishwasher. But free-standing dishwashers will give you an instant clean and dry finish. You can hook your portable dishwasher with any drainage system, and it will run just as smoothly as any other dishwasher. 

Cutlery basket/rack – The dishwasher capacity is the most crucial factor to consider. If you have a small household, you wouldn’t require an industrial-size dishwasher. In such a case, the portable 60cm dishwasher may suffice. The 60cm dishwasher can hold up to 14 place settings i.e., 14 large meal plates, 14 small snack plates, 14 saucers, 14 bowls, 14 coffee cups, and 14 drinking glasses. It also includes a separate basket or racks for 14 teaspoons, 14 knives, 14 small salad forks and 14 dinner forks. 

Range of programmes – Today you get personalisation at every corner; be it your favourite coffee shop or your podcast app. So why should your dishwasher be any different? Check out the range of programmes before buying any free-standing or portable dishwasher. Any standard dishwasher always has a longer eco-friendly option, auto-programme, a personalized programme based on your schedule and feedback, and so on. 

Wi-Fi enabled – Today everything is wireless and wi-fi enabled, and it’s only fair that your dishwasher is the same. Do ensure that you can connect and control the portable dishwasher from anywhere. Leaving them on and forgetting to turn them off is a frequent accident which can be avoided by getting them synched with the phone app. 

Intensive cleaning – Often you don’t get the time to do your laundry or dishes throughout the day. So you clean a week’s load in one go. The problem with this is the stubborn leftovers stuck to the cooking pans or the plates. The intensive cleaning setting in any new-age dishwasher will help in getting the stubborn marks out in no time. And you won’t have to scrub the plates or pans yourself. 


A small portable or free-standing dishwasher can give you the benefits of a traditional one, and that too with added benefits. A wide range of cleaning programmes, cutlery baskets, and WiFi-enabled dishwashers can also quickly clean and dry stubborn utensils in your modern urban kitchen. The sleek and cosy design also allows you to fit any corner you like. 

The free-standing dishwashers from Bosch offer all these features and then some; ready to take the dishwasher finder test and figure out the best for you?