Health Issues That Are A Major Concern For The UAE

The UAE is considered one of the fastest-developing countries in the world. Owing to its rich oil resources, it has experienced significant economic success and massive industrial growth. From building the tallest building in the world to the biggest mall to building magnificent artificial islands the UAE is the perfect example of world-class industrial progress. But, the country is not without its share of problems. Health issues in the UAE are rising at an alarming rate, which is becoming a serious concern for the country’s healthcare sector.

Over the past few decades, the country’s population has increased rapidly. And being a fast-paced industrial growth-oriented country requires immense manpower. Migrants from all over the world come to the UAE in search of job opportunities and make up a significant amount of its population. But with the increasing population and the lavish lifestyle the number of diseases is also increasing.

Here are the top three major health issues faced by the UAE:

  • Diabetes: Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes. With an average BMI of above 30, the inhabitants of the UAE struggle with weight management issues. In 2019, the IDF statistics showed that 16.3% of the population had diabetes. The Ministry of Health and Prevention began several initiatives aiming to reduce the number of diabetic patients and provide screening of high-risk individuals. As of 2021, the rate has come down to 11.809%. Diabetes Screening and Professional Healthcare Education program is a healthcare initiative started by the country to help diabetic patients to receive proper medical care and learn about its prevalence.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: When it comes to leading a lavish lifestyle, the people of the UAE don’t hold back. But living such an extravagant lifestyle has its downside. Overconsumption of junk food and reduced domestic and occupational activities have contributed to the rapidly increasing cardiovascular problems in the country. According to the mortality statistics (2010), 29% of the deaths were due to cardiovascular diseases. The Healthcare ministry of the country is taking initiatives to make the youth aware of the risks and urging them to make lifestyle changes.
  • Cancer: Cancer is of the major health issues in the UAE since it is known to be the third most common cause of death in individuals. Among females, breast cancer is the most common. In males, lung cancer is most common. In 2011, the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi stated that the most common types of cancer in the UAE are leukemia, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. The country aims at bringing down the fatalities due to cancer and providing cancer patients with top-notch healthcare. Campaigns are held to spread awareness regarding cancer and frequent cancer screenings are held by the Ministry of Health and Prevention. 

Conclusion: Prevention is better than cure and therefore the population of the UAE should start paying more attention to their health. With proper lifestyle modifications, one can enjoy a long, healthy, and disease-free life.