Slotomania slot machines

How to Get Free Slotomania Coins Through Facebook

Slotomania is one of the most downloaded apps on Facebook and is a free mobile game that has been introduced by SocialDeck which is based in Germany. The free slot machines are very popular and more people join the Facebook community that are interested in playing the slot games. This is the reason why it has been given as a status for every user.

It is important to know how to get free virtual currency if you are planning to play slot games on Facebook. The free coins are important since you will not be able to play casinos without these coins. For the welcome bonus, a new user must download the application to his/her smartphone and activate a special code which will give him/ her free coins after he wins a certain amount of jackpot. Once you get the application on your smartphone, you will automatically get 10 thousand free coins deposited into his/her account.

As soon as you have downloaded the Facebook version of Slotomania, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the agreement link that is located on the bottom right corner of the page. There is also a help button located on the same page. After accepting the terms and conditions, you will be shown a page that contains the list of game sites where you can choose from and get free coins. There are two lists of sites: one for the no-cost coins and another for the premium coins.

In Facebook, one can earn coins by answering simple questionnaires or participating in exciting competitions. By becoming a real player, one can increase his chances of winning big jackpots. You can also get free Coins by purchasing them in Facebook and depositing them in your account. This is a fun way to spend your idle time, and you get to accumulate good points too.

The Facebook version is more exciting than the website version, since you can play the game with your friends, opponents or those from any part of the world. You can win or lose depending on your performance, which earns you points. Hence, if you are playing with real players, then winning the big jackpot is not impossible. But if you are playing slot machine games with friends who like to play slot games without spending any penny, then there is nothing to be excited about, for you will surely get nothing for free in Facebook slot games.

Slotomania is one of Facebook’s most popular games, which has been downloaded by millions of users around the world. You can also get money through Facebook for free. If you have already spent money on Facebook gift cards, avatars or other virtual currency, then you can convert these currencies into cash. However, be aware that these virtual currencies are not backed by any type of investment or guarantee, and you may face loss of funds in case of exchange rate fluctuations. Thus, while playing in Facebook you can earn as well as save.